vendredi 22 janvier 2016

Tehlirian on Trial in Minnesota

Soghomon Tehlirian on Trial in Minnesota



This past August, students from 26 high schools and colleges attended World Without Genocide's Summer Institute held at William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota.  The Institute focused on the topic of Religions and Genocide, highlighting the Armenian Genocide, the Holocaust, and the violence being perpetrated today in the Middle East by ISIS.

Students participated in a mock trial of the prosecution of Soghomon Tehlirian for the murder of Talaat Pasha.  Tehlirian's trial tested the students’ perception of justice and culminated in a jury verdict of ‘not guilty.’  Students filled the roles of judge, jury, prosecutor, defense attorneys, the defendant, witnesses, and the press.  Following the jury’s verdict, students and community members who attended the mock trial learned-- many for the first time--about Operation Nemesis and enjoyed a robust discussion about the case and Tehlirian's actions.
The mock trial was prepared and coached by University of Minnesota law student Ceena Idicula and William Mitchell School of Law graduate Elizabeth Meske.  At the conclusion of the mock trial, students received a copy of Special Mission Nemesis, translated by Dr. Lou Ann Matossian, who both assisted with and attended the mock trial. The books were a generous gift from Leroy Erickson, President of the Armenian Cultural Organization of Minnesota.

French version
  Summer Institute students with translator Matossian (front, fourth from left) 
and Dr. Ellen Kennedy, Executive Director (next to Matossian)